Coming to Central Seventh Day Baptist Church on November 12, 11:15 AM. They will also visit Grace Upon Grace at 4:00 PM the same day.

Mark & Lera Hamilton have been involved in overseas missions since 1993 when they went on short-term missions trips with their respective churches. Mark is originally from Melbourne, Australia and Lera is from Rochester, New York but both met in 1995 in Minsk, Belarus while working among local teenagers. In 2001, they married and were sent by Young Life Australia to pioneer its work in Belarus and the Baltic countries. Mark and Lera currently live in Lithuania and coordinate their team in Belarus all while juggling life with 5 children (soon to be 6), whom Lera home schools.
When asked, “why Belarus & Baltic countries?” they respond, “we fell in love with the people, culture and history of this area; there is a great need here with very few missionaries or ministries reaching the non-Christian youth. It is our hope, with God’s help, that we can introduce Jesus Christ to every young person and give them an opportunity to follow Him”.
Because of the social and physical needs in these countries Mark & Lera have focused a significant amount of their work among orphan teenagers and poor youth. Today their teem consists of 50 leaders in 7 towns daily being role models and a light of hope for teenagers.