The world calls those who honor the Word of God over the will of society uninformed, selfish, or fanatical. The world would like to lock those “fanatics” in psychiatric care; or, in the words of the of some restrictive governments, “reeducation facilities. It is the desire of the world to teach “right” thinking to those who hold firm to the Holy Word of God. In the word of God, however, those who chose to reorder the agenda of God are those who He regards as the Abomination of Desolation. Do you know which side you chose, and why? Which one is the beneficiary of the Passover Lamb? Does God call down the plague on those whose hearts have grown so insolent, so arrogant, so insubordinate, so sanctimonious that it rips the very fabric of scripture? Once the heart has become so fixed on evil over the course of a lifetime, the heart is hardened. Where do YOU stand?