If God were to come before us in thunder, lightning, and wind we would indeed be terrified. However, most of us are very quick to let go of the inspiration given to us by God so that we can hurry on with “whatever it is” that is next on our agenda. We stumble, and are destroyed because we lack knowledge and talk as though we are learned. BE still and know that I AM God while we stand and wait. There was over 400 years between Abram learning his sons would be slaves in Egypt and the actual parting of the Red Sea. It was over 600 years between the “Suffering Servant” of Isaiah and the Crucifixion of the Messiah. How long has it been between the ascension and the second coming? Do we lose hope because live isn’t moving at our pace? How long do you think you can wait between finding salvation, and needing a reminder that God is in control?