“Behold the Man!” Pilate’s first presentation of the Messiah in John 19:1-6. Rejected by the populace under the influence of the Sanhedrin because of his threat to their Power. (And Can it BE! Vs 1, and the sharing of the Bread).

“Behold! Your King!” The second presentation of Jesus by Pilate and the Very Public dialogue between Pilate and the leaders of the Sanhedrin. John 19:7-15. (And Can it BE!, Vs 2)

Behold, the Lamb! The historical foundation of the Passover Lamb as it pertains to Jesus. (Exodus 12:5-7+, Isaiah 7:14; 9:6-7; and 53. And Can it Be! vs 4)

The sharing of the Cup with And Can it Be! vs 3.