The desire to be in the Presence of His Holiness   Matthew 5:4-12; Luke 6:20-26

What does it Truly mean to be blessed? Jesus called the twelve. He promised the absolutely NOTHING. He just said to come. Come and see the possibilities! He said those who followed Him would find great favor with the Almighty. He promised that they would be insulted, reviled, persecuted, have all manner of Evil splayed against them … they would be ostracized!

So … why would you come?

“Blessed are the poor in spirit.” Not a matter of being destitute. It is a matter of yearning for what is honorable; a matter of being afflicted to the very soul for those who have no knowledge of salvation.

“Blessed are they that mourn.” Not a matter of being the bearer of great loss. It is the matter of immense grief, as for the loss of innocence. It is to wail because that grief goes to the very soul for those who toss away the Grace of God.

“Blessed are the gentle – the meek.” Not a matter of timidity. It is a matter of pure restraint – humility – an immense humble regard for the souls of others. It is a sense of caring; Just Because the Almighty said to care.

“Blessed are the merciful.” Not just a sense of being nice. It is a matter of being compassionate; a deep sense of sincere longing for the peace of another’s soul.

“Blessed are the katharos kardia – the pure of heart; those pure in the seat, the center, of emotion; that deep healing in the soul.

“Blessed are the Peacemaker.” Not the cessation of conflict. It is that deep feeling of peace within the very soul because the Almighty in present.

This is not a blessing for humanity … it is a state of being with Elohim – the stated Blessing of Jehovah Jireh.