God promised His Chosen People that He would not allow the Throne of David to stay empty. However, because of their stubborn and insolent behavior the kingdom was split. Ten tribes went to Jeroboam. The one tribe, Judah, along with Jerusalem, went to Rehoboam.

Like the Israelites, we can be a stubborn and insolent people. We find ourselves in the valley of the dry bones of our efforts to do what we want, rather than follow the direction of God. Just as God salvaged the dry bones and will return the whole of Israel to its proper place, He takes the dry bones of our mistaken choices, forgives the sin, and moves us to a place of righteousness. The question is whether we accept His Salvation (Y’shua), or we continue to play in the Valley of Dry Bones with those Israelites who do not accept Y’shua (Salvation).