“We ARE His” Jeremiah 29:4-20 March 16, 2019 The Rev. Dr. Lawrence Watt

The Road to Resurrection – Week Three – Seek the welfare of your City … Your Government … for I (your God) have placed you there. Pray for your leaders – whether you like them, or not (Especially the President). Your welfare depends on their welfare. Be careful who you listen to while you are […]

“The Eternal Throne” Ezekiel 37:24-28 March 9, 2019 The Rev. Dr. Lawrence Watt

God promised His Chosen People that He would not allow the Throne of David to stay empty. However, because of their stubborn and insolent behavior the kingdom was split. Ten tribes went to Jeroboam. The one tribe, Judah, along with Jerusalem, went to Rehoboam. Like the Israelites, we can be a stubborn and insolent people. […]

Proclaim the Un-Acclaimed Revelation 1:4-8, 11, 16-20 December 29, 2018

The Temple was destroyed because the people did not pay attention to the will of God. John was told to Write to the seven churches and warn them of the difficulties that are awaiting them if they do not change their ways. These warnings are posted in Revelation. The Church can either change; or, they […]