Central Seventh Day Baptist

Church Covenant

We, the Members of the Central Seventh Day Baptist Church, as followers of Jesus Christ, do solemnly covenant:

To accept the salvation of God through thee grace of Jesus Christ, and through no works of our own;

To accept as members of the family of God, His forgiveness and love in our relationships;

To care for one another as Christian brothers and sisters, through joys and griefs in the experiences of life;

To accept the Bible as the inspired revelation of God, providing guidance for our living;

To partake of the Holy Sacraments. participating in Christ’s resurrection through Baptist by immersion, and experiencing the assurance of God’s forgiveness through the Lord’s Supper “till he come,”

To celebrate God’s everlasting gift of each Sabbath Day as our time of refreshing, for He, the Lord Most High, is here;

To delight in sharing the gifts that God has given each of us for the good of the Church, that the kingdoms of this world might become the kingdoms of our Lord and His Christ.