Sermons from March 2016

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Gracia Sobre Gracia (03-12-16)


Speaker – Deacon Saul Alonzo – Grace Upon Grace meets at LAYHILL COMMUNITY CHURCH, 1916 Bonifant Rd., Silver Spring, MD. Sabbath School is at 2:30 PM, Worship begins at 4:00 PM. All services are in Spanish and English. All are welcome.

School’s Never Out (03-12-16)


“There is no one who can plumb the depths of the mystery of life unaided.” Only the Source of life can unravel the mystery of life. Only the Source of life can teach us poor orphans either our way or our manners. Only the Source of life can release us from the sensible world of […]

Who’s In The Family? (03-05-16)


I have three children… But how do you know that they are really my children? Maybe I’m just borrowing them!!!  Maybe I stole three children from my neighborhood?? What tests could one use to determine if they are really my children? The physical resemblance test??? The behavioral test??? The IQ testing??? The athletic ability test??? […]