Sermons from January 2017

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Who Is The Call For? (01-07-17)


Have faith – but more than have faith – exercise your faith by stopping, by looking, by hearing, and by feeding and with Paul, and I dare to say, with me you will discover that the word is near to you – in your heart and in your mouth, and that word, being in your […]

Grace Upon Grace (01-07-17)


Pastor Saul Alonzo continues last week’s message about never giving up but persevering in every area of life, both physical & spiritual. Grace Upon Grace is a bi-lingual (Spanish & English) Seventh Day Baptist congregation in the Silver Spring, MD, area. They meet at Layhill Community Church, 1916 Bonifant Rd. on Saturday afternoons. Sabbath School […]

A New Chapter (12-31-16)


Psalm 90:1-14 Pastor David Taylor It’s 2016. The door on this year is about to close. The New Year is about to open. It’s a time to reflect back, and a time to look forward. To think of what is to come in the new year. What we shall make of it, and what might […]

Grace Upon Grace (12-31-16)


Learn to rest, Don’t give up Deacon Saul Alonzo Grace Upon Grace meets at Layhill Community Church 1916 Bonifant Road Silver Spring, MD Sabbath School – Saturdays at 2:30 p.m. Worship – Saturdays at 4:00 p.m. Services are in Spanish with English translation. All are welcome to attend