Sermons from February 2017

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Grace Upon Grace (02-25-17)


Pastor Saul Alonzo 1 Corinthians 1:10; 10:11-14 James 1:13-15 Temptations are a part of life, and they come in different ways. When they do come, how do you respond? 1. Others have been tempted, it is not unique to us. 2. Be alert – do not fight in your own strength. 3. God is faithful […]

How’s Your Memory? (02-25-17)


“Halftime” – “mid-life” – it’s a great time to sit back and evaluate your life. Have you ever taken the time to sit back and ask, “What do I want out of life? What do I want to see God do through me?” Often when we ask that question, we realize that the most important […]

Majoring In The Minors (02-18-17)


In this section of Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, He’s telling us that we have choices to make, and these choices will affect our future. And while the choices we have as outlined here are not as trivial as to which chocolate candy to pick, the reality is that there are no trivial choices when […]

Grace Upon Grace (02-18-17)


Grace Upon Grace meets each Saturday at Layhill Community Church, 1916 Bonifant Rd., Silver Spring. Service is in Spanish but English translation is available. Pastor Saul Alonzo always has a timely message. All are welcome.

Grace Upon Grace (02-11-17)


Meeting each Sabbath (Saturday) at Layhill Community Church, 1916 Bonifant Road, Silver Spring, MD. Sabbath School at 2:30 p.m., Worship at 4:00 p.m.. All are welcome. Speaker: Pastor Saul Alonzo