Sermons from July 2017

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Just Don’t Do Something (07-22-17)


That really is the point of the story of Mary and Martha. Some parts of life are temporary – others are eternal. Wisdom knows the difference.   Occasionally we need to put aside the work we do for the Lord and just spend some time being with him – some time learning from him, – […]

Hope For A Harvest (07-15-17)


Matthew 13:1-9, 18-23 How we respond to the Word of God is key to how fruitful the gospel is going to be in our lives.    And, unlike the situation in nature in which seed and various kinds of soil encounter each other, we do have control over how we receive and respond to the […]

In What Do We Rejoice? (07-08-17)


For all too many people in our so called Christian society , and indeed for all too many people in the church, faith is an add on – an extra dimension to our life as it were but not really, when all is said and done, truly central to our understanding of life. Some Church […]

Bound And Determined (07-01-17)


The Kingdom of God.  It requires attention and concentration over the long haul.  According to Jesus, if you and I expect to be a part of God’s Kingdom, now and forever, we must be serious about our work.  We can’t wander.  We can’t look back.  Once we start, if we aren’t committed, we’re in trouble.  […]