Central Seventh Day Baptist Church
1100 Enterprise Rd.
Mitchellville, MD
Pastor David Taylor
Ezekiel 37:1-14
The situation in Ezekiel 37 was bleak. It is proclaimed to the exiles, probably sometime between the dates presented in 33:21 and 40:1, around 572 B.C. Israel was a defeated nation. It had been crushed militarily, its people had been separated from one another in exile, and it had suffered the inevitable result of its abandonment of the Lord. Alone, exhausted, discouraged, and impoverished, Israel was indeed as good as dead. (But the vision to Ezekiel was fitted to dispel such despondent reflections

How do we move on after times of discouragement or loss? It’s easy to see past greatness or success in relationships or opportunitieshuuh and long for what was. God however doesn’t want us to live in the past, but consider what can be. Revival is God taking what seems hopeless and showing what He can do. Using human secondary means, God can accomplish what seems impossible from a human standpoint.