Mark 6:1-6

How can I be sure not to miss out on God’s best for my life? How can I avoid missing that door of opportunity which has been placed before me for me to walk through. How can I avoid limiting what God can do in my life, and thereby limiting what I can do through Christ?

None of us want to settle for second best. All of us as believers want to be all we can be in Jesus Christ. However, there are attitudes that we can develop that can help us or hinder us in receiving God’s blessing, in doing what God wants us to do or being who God wants us to be.

These attitudes are like keys. Keys turn two ways. They can either lock or unlock. We can develop attitudes that lock us out from the very best that God has for us. On the other hand we can develop attitudes that opens the door in to the very best that God has to give us. Therefore we must develop attitudes and responses which will unlock the opportunities and promises of God for us.

How do you and I develop attitudes that unlock the doors of God’s blessings in our lives? The way to do that is by fortifying our faith. We need to strengthen our faith. We need to make our faith strong and secure.