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In Need Of A Redeemer (11-12-16)


Speaker – Missionary Mark Hamilton Mark & Lera Hamilton have been involved in overseas missions since 1993 when they went on short-term missions trips with their respective churches.  Mark is originally from Melbourne, Australia and Lera is from Rochester, New York but both met in 1995 in Minsk, Belarus while working among local teenagers.  In […]

Life on Mission – More Than Me (08-27-16)


Jesus is a master teacher who taught lessons in a variety of ways. Often He taught people in large multitudes. However, Jesus also had many one-on-one encounters with people who are just like us in many respects. When Jesus gave these people His full attention there are many lessons to be learned for us. Today […]

Gracia Sobre Gracia (03-21-15)


Gracia Sobre Gracia is a ministry of Central Seventh Day Baptist Church in Mitchellville, MD. They meet at 6:30 PM each Saturday at Weller Road Elementary School, 3301 Weller Road, Silver Spring, MD. Speaker is Deacon Saul Alonzo. English translation is provided for each service. All are welcome.