David L. Taylor, Pastor

Romans 3:21-31

Paul has painted a horrible picture of man without God. All humanity stood guilty of sin and condemned to hell. Paul has made it clear that no amount of religious works could save a person from sin. All of a sudden Paul exclaims with a loud and Bold Voice, “But NOW”!! This but now tells us of this turning point in the history of humanity. We were lost and on our way to hell, BUT NOW!!

Paul has been preparing us for the announcement of the way of salvation.  He has underscored our sinful nature and painted a very bleak picture.  Then we hear the words, “But now . . . “  It is a moment for a change in direction.  What comes next changes our gloom into hope.  Paul uses this kind of construction (but now . . .)  many times in his writing and each time he introduces truth that is transforming.