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“Bound to the Whole Word of God” Matthew 5:13-20 April 21, 2018


After Jesus called the 12 disciples and imposed upon them the need to desire His Holiness, he went on to lay out their position in ministry. Elohim is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. He provided guidance to live by. He provided yshewah (salvation) through the death and resurrection of his son. His Grace was […]

The Crucifixion and the Passover Lamb – March 31, 2018


“Behold the Man!” Pilate’s first presentation of the Messiah in John 19:1-6. Rejected by the populace under the influence of the Sanhedrin because of his threat to their Power. (And Can it BE! Vs 1, and the sharing of the Bread). “Behold! Your King!” The second presentation of Jesus by Pilate and the Very Public […]

“Still the Murmuring” Exodus 15:22-16:2 – March 10, 2018


The Israelites have crossed the Red Sea. They have had their “Boundary Event.” As they look back and watched the closing of the sea, they realized that there was no going back. The only way they could go was forward … into the wilderness ,,, into the Neutral Zone. Now they begin to complain … […]

Love God – Love People – Live the Gospel (10-22-16)


The essentials of what we teach today – the core of what we preach – and what we urge you to accept and practice as you respond to the Good News of Jesus Christ are all found in these summaries of what the law and the prophets are about. We are called to love God, […]

Covenant Commitments (10-08-16)


Our text today, Hebrews 8, contrasts two covenants. Both of them are initiated by God. The reason they are relevant for thinking about a church covenant among believers is that both of them are designed to bring a people into special relationship with God and with each other: the first was the covenant with Israel […]

An Unchanging Message In An Ever-Changing World (06-04-16)


In the past thirty years there has been a proliferation of “new gospels” in the United States. Some such as the “new age” belief system are rooted in eastern mysticism, such as Hinduism. Others are based more on pop-psychology than they are on the gospel. But whatever their origin they are misdirecting men and women […]