Do we, the Community of Christ, reflect in any way this portrait of the first Christian Community? Have we come to this Temple today as a spirit-filled people — lifting up our voices to acknowledge our faith in Christ as Lord? Do we gather together with glad and generous hearts, praising God for his Resurrection Power, praising God for offering us the gift of New Life in Christ?

This is our responsibility as a people imbued with the Spirit!

As a band of believers, we have that place of relief from our darkest fears. When we take the leap of faith, we go beyond the world of the “what ifs” and into the Divine realm of What Is! Jesus Christ Is! Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior. He is the way to our safe place and our happy ending. We can read the Scriptures — even memorize them — but like the Disciples of old, we will remain fearful and unbelieving until we accept the Lord who breathes the Holy Spirit of God into our souls. We will remain fearful until we acknowledge that only the Holy Spirit of God can sustain us spiritually