Genesis 4:1-10

Genesis 1 reveals the origin of the world we live in. Life is not an accident. Genesis 2 describes who we are and what sets humans apart from the rest of the universe. Genesis 3 explains what went wrong and why the world we live in is so different than our wishes and dreams. Genesis 3 also analyzes the root of evil. Genesis 4 pictures its fruit. Disobeying God has consequences. Not all of it immediate. Sometimes children reap what their parents sow.

Our story begins with the birth of two brothers. Genesis 4 picks up where Genesis 3 ends. Sin had entered God’s perfect world. It came in through an open window near the dark corner where God’s rule and man’s freedom meet. Both sides of the equation are true. God is in control. Yet he loves us enough to allow us room to choose to love him back or not. The first parents chose poorly.