Gracia Sobre Gracia (08-15-15)


Philippians 2:5-7

Our families are impacted by our words and actions. To have a positive impact on my family, I must let God adjust my attitude and give me 1. an attitude of forgiveness, 2. an attitude of unconditional love, 3. an attitude of servitude, and 4. an attitude of gratefulness.



Grace Upon Grace is a “Branch Church” of Central Seventh Day Baptist Church. They meet each Saturday, 6:30 p.m., at Weller Road Elementary School, 3301 Weller Rd., Silver Spring, MD.

The service is in Spanish and English.


Gracia sobre gracia es una ‘Iglesia Branch’ del central del Séptimo Día Iglesia Bautista. Se reúnen todos los sábados, 6:30 pm, en la Escuela de Weller Road Elementary, 3301 Weller Rd., Silver Spring, MD.

El servicio es en español y en Inglés.