I have three children… But how do you know that they are really my children? Maybe I’m just borrowing them!!!  Maybe I stole three children from my neighborhood?? What tests could one use to determine if they are really my children?

The physical resemblance test??? The behavioral test??? The IQ testing??? The athletic ability test??? The interests and hobbies test??? The birthmark test??? The DNA test??

The DNA test is probably the most accurate test to determine who is really in my family. 

This brings us to Matthew 12:46-50 this morning.  Jesus makes it clear that there is one way to know if we are truly in his family and it has nothing to do with our DNA.

Jesus says that obedience is the sign that one is a member of God’s family. In other words, if you don’t obey Jesus you are not in his family!!!

To understand this we will look at two things-

Jesus biological family Jesus heavenly family